October 10, 2022


"I have neuropathy, my feet burned, tingled and were numb at night while laying in bed. My balance was terrible and walking was a struggle. I went to Maj a little more than a week ago and had a STEM CELL IV procedure done. My numbing, burning, tingling has almost completely disappeared, my balance and walking has improved beyond my expectations. And it has only been 9 days. Thank you Dr. May for giving me back my mobility. "
June 17, 2022

"I have been with Dr. D. Majzoubi since he opened his practice some long years ago. The Doctor is the most highly-skilled, dedicated, thoughtful, and compassionate GP Medical Doctor in the Visalia Area. The Doctor and his staff (Nurses and Assistances) always go well above and beyond to take care of my needs and others. Simply the BEST care and professionalism. "
January 28, 2022

"Dr. Maj was wonderful. Took the time to explain everything to me and answer all of my questions. He was extremely patient and made me feel very informed at the end of my visit. Thank you Dr. Maj so much for your wisdom and care. "
January 28, 2022

Always takes time to listen

"Having fibromyalgia is not a great diagnosis and many doctors don’t believe you. Dr Maj not only believes me but I have access to his I V vitamins and other alternative medicine. I would highly recommend him to any other person with fibromyalgia."
January 28, 2022

Medical assistant

"BEST Doctor I have worked for. He really spends time with his patients and cares. Hats off to you Dr. Mazoubi."

Maj Medical Clinic