Allergy Treatment & Testing in Visalia, CA

Allergies can be a bane for anyone suffering from them. Instead of succumbing to the side effects of OTC allergy medications, it’s time to seek relief in the form of a lasting allergy treatment in Visalia, CA. Maj Medical Clinic can help. We administer allergy treatments to patients with varying types of allergies, with different degrees of severity.

Allergy Treatment

Say Goodbye to Allergies

Many allergy treatment centers offer allergy shots to sufferers of severe reactions to histamines. But this isn’t the only option! There are also drops that can be administered for those who can’t always make it in for routine injections.

Dr. Majzoubi specializes in sublingual drops as an allergy treatment. They’re self-administered in the privacy of your home, with no need to keep coming in for routine appointments. Patients will get a schedule that’s individualized to their specific allergy, with drops that can be taken around that schedule to induce relief.

Taking sublingual drops is easy for anyone, at any age! Just put one under the tongue for two minutes to dissolve it. The antihistamine will be released at a very low dose, every day.

When done routinely and in increasing intervals based on the schedule, sublingual drops are proven to significantly improve allergy symptoms, with none of the side effects you might get from the shots.

Allergy Testing Center in Visalia, CA

Not sure what you’re allergic to? We can provide allergy testing for all types of histamines and food allergies. We use a standard skin test to test reactions to different catalysts, helping you determine with certainty what, exactly, you’re allergic to. Some of the most common allergies we test for include:

  • Food allergies
  • Pollen
  • Animal dander
  • Mold

If you’re sick and tired of living with allergies and relying on OTC antihistamines to combat them, schedule an appointment with Dr. Majzoubi at Maj Medical Clinic today. We’re also available for IV vitamin therapy and coronavirus testing, so don’t be afraid to get in touch!

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Allergy Testing