IV Chelation & Ozone Treatments in Visalia, CA

Beyond cosmetic treatments like body contouring, when seeking to improve your overall well-bring and combat ailments, it’s essential to consider the methods you are using for treatment. There are many methods to improve your health that you can make use of in addition to other prescriptions and care you are receiving to achieve positive results. Two such treatments are IV chelation therapy and ozone therapy. Here is a brief overview of these two treatments, the advantages they offer, the ailments they may treat, and other important considerations when scheduling with Maj Medical Clinic.

IV Chelation Therapy: An Overview

IV chelation involves weakly treatment that takes roughly 30 minutes to perform. This procedure involves IV treatment of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid or EDTA into your body and directly into your bloodstream. When introduced into the bloodstream, EDTA seeks out metals and minerals found in your blood, attaches to them, and this new compound leaves your body through regular urination. This treatment is focused on improving heart health and treating heart disease by removing the calcium from fatty deposits that can collect in your arteries and cause a variety of heart and cardiovascular issues.

Currently, this treatment is in its early phases, and research is still being performed and data collected for review. Like many medications and treatments, mild side effects such as headaches, nausea, and fever have been reported alongside far rarer but more severe responses. If you have heart ailments, your doctor will be able to advise of the viability and effectiveness of this treatment.

IV Chelation and Ozone Treatments

Ozone Therapy: Explained

Ozone therapy makes use of ozone in a liquid or gas form as a medical treatment. Some ailments being researched for this treatment include cancer, muscular degeneration, certain heart ailments, immune system strengthening, wound disinfection, fighting viral illnesses, and the treatment of arthritis. As ozone is an active compound its application is intended to attach an oxygen molecule to a pathogen in the blood such as a virus and clean your blood of these negative compounds.

This is a broad range of ailments, and current research is ongoing as ozone therapy is still in the early phases of its study as a medical procedure. While some results are positive, you should always consult a medical professional before starting any treatment regimen.

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